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Anonymous 3 years ago

A Bank Savings Account Book

A harmonious relationship is built on the true love.

My mother presented me with a bank savings account book on the eve of my wedding. There was $1000.00 in it. My mother smiled and said, ‘You both are going to deposit some money in it from time to time, when something is worth for memorable. Besides...

Anonymous 3 years ago

Praying to galaxy

We are so impotent in love sometimes. Sometimes we meet the right person at the wrong time........

I have to restrain myself, not to let you see me in tears. I pretend to ignore you. Try to stop thinking of you. Only blame myself that I have no title to love you. Looking at you, I am so helpless but. Just let you vanish into the galax...

StarlightAngel 5 years ago


Memories are forever in our hearts.

Memories we make them every day, I wonder do we realize at the time, How much that memory will mean later on in life. Something as simple as a smile from someone special that brightens our day. A hug from...

MileeBanerjeeOGN 10 years ago

I sore

The once 'lived in walls' cave down and he moves on to new...yet one day while passing by........

While walking by my old homeA grain of sand fell in my eyeAnd as I looked at the crumbling wallsAnd trees growing out of theOnce ‘lived in’ hallsI tried to let the memories pass byAnd my hands moved to rub m...