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CuriousAnnie 1 week ago


Last Sunday was Father's Day down under

Hey, little one, don’t be coy, Take that alpha step, my boy. You’re luxuriating in my womb, Can’t stay, it’s not a catacomb. You do know what tomorrow is? I thought not; for that day is his. Didn’t think you’d bring a gift, Hopefully focused...

AnnaMayZing 3 years ago

No Knickers!

It didn't make sense.

My head felt as heavy as an iron wrecking ball. The pounding was so loud that I could hardly hear the voices... Voices? I kept my eyes closed and tried to make sense of the babble. There was something about trending, about 'Tats,' something about my...

AnnaMayZing 3 years ago


Oh for Pity's sake, what now!

PING!   I took the coffee from the microwave but it was still cold, I had forgotten to press the button. I put the cup back inside and pressed it. Funny though, I definitely heard a really annoying 'Ping.' I sat down again and waited. There it was ag...

AnnaMayZing 3 years ago

Home late!

I knew he would be angry that I was so late...

I knew that if I disturbed him he would be angry that I was so late. If I took my clothes off before I went up then I could just slip into bed beside him and he would be none the wiser so, before I climbed the stairs, I removed my clothes as quietly...

DirtyMartini 10 years ago

No Help At All

Some dogs are just no idea where this one came from...

I sit at my computer desk trying to think,I pick up my coffee and start to drink,I've been up all day and into the night,Wracking my brain for something to write.Just sitting around all day at home,Hoping to write the next great tome,But my progress...