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Jackson Goes to Starbucks, Realizes Why People Hate Lawyers

The author, a lawyer, learns from Starbucks why people hate his kind.

Coma patients should receive transfusions of my blood. Enough caffeine is coursing through my veins at any given moment that my blood could probably literally wake the dead. My addiction to coffee is so bad that I wake up in the mornings feeling hung over...

Beezie, Angie, Swan Lake, and Me!

A lawyer who wants to dance ballet negotiates for his soul with Satan and an Angel.

“I’ll rip off one of those dumb horns and shove it up your nose you stupid, red jerk!” Angie shouted. The angel told me that I could call her Angie.“Go ahead! Try it, you disgusting, pathetic pure white virginal pompous prude!” Beezie retorted. “You’ll be...