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Micro Stories



This wasn't her.

To everyone in the room, she seemed like just a normal girl wearing Vans, bluejeans, and a red hoodie. Only she heard the whirring servos, the soft click of gears, the hum of electronics. Only she knew who she really was. “Come on,” said the boy with the...

Never Lose the Dreams

Dreaming down the many lanes of life

Parallel lives in parallel worlds, dreamscapes existing within ourselves. Beginning with the achievement of consciousness and continuing as life goes on. Coming alive each sleep time. More than one landscape of surrealism to pass along as we trek down our...

Perfectly Accidental Gems at the International Machine Tool Show

hints of life among skyscraper canyons (title near outweighs subject: ephemera)

Tiny beads of lucent moistureseined from this Chicago fog,strung carelessly on gossamer:artless, stranded silken spars.Weather, mood and spider labour,in urban stillness, collaborate:diamonds in the gutter - Ahh!dawn's ephemera, seen here now.- kmf (RedSo...