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mother's day

Little Miss Know It All

A mother tries teaching her daughter about being an adult

She sat opposite her daughter, hands tightly clasped in her lap, “You don’t know everything,” she said, sitting forward so she was eye level with her daughter. “Being an adult, isn’t as easy as doing whatever the hell you want, goofing off, taking advanta...

Ma Belle Mère

In Memoriam: November 28th, 1928 - March 8th, 2007

Ma belle mère, my mother divine. Lost in the mists of time;lost but quickly foundwhen the memories rush backinto my aging mind,still her little boy. I was her first born,her love child,and her favorite,so they all believed. They were right,of course. I wa...

Happy Mother's Day, Mom

Dedicated to Agnes Johnson (1948-2013) who passed away on March 6, 2013.

Since you died, this is the second Mother's Day that has come around.Since March of 2013, peace and tranquility aren't things that I've found.You were one of the greatest mothers who ever lived.You constantly thought of others, you always loved to give.Pe...