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life lessons

Little Miss Know It All

A mother tries teaching her daughter about being an adult

She sat opposite her daughter, hands tightly clasped in her lap, “You don’t know everything,” she said, sitting forward so she was eye level with her daughter. “Being an adult, isn’t as easy as doing whatever the hell you want, goofing off, taking advanta...

A thing called Love

Story written from a random plot given by a friend: Castaway, Dream catcher, Post box, Nail color.

The city was under siege. Mother Nature was unleashing her fury. Such torrential rain had not been seen in a 100 years. The city was drowning. Breached lakes, overflowing sewage, furious sea, and the relentless rain. There was an overwhelming sense of des...

The Mail box

A man takes the last walk to his mail box.

The mail Box The doctor’s death sentence still pains my heart as I retrieve my mail this December morning. For 40 years I’ve walked to this old mailbox. This will be my last trip. The week following Christmas I will check into an assisted living facility,...

Today at the park

this child was a joy to behold

I watched a young mother walking with her boy,Her proud smile told all of her joy.As cute as a button, cheeks rosy and red,Dark curls peeked from under the toque on his head.His laughter, like bells ringing out in the cold,His steps never faltered, he was...