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Occult Stories


Voice of Ice

He sought the name of the angel of ice

The wind gave a piercing howl, rattling the windows of Professor Jack Lange’s apartment. Jack lowered his book at the sound and stared out at the blowing snow."Wow, what a storm!" announced the disc jockey on the radio as if he, too, had heard it, "If you...

The Virginia Witch

A psychic must use her abilities to help capture a serial killer.

Being a writer has its perks, like helping the police to solve a murder. It is not a good thing when you are a writer with an ability to talk to ghosts. From what Jenna heard, from a spirit no less, that it was her destiny to help the Tazewell County Sher...

The House of Death

This urban legend had come true!

“This is it, Aaron,” Joel said as he pulled into the graveled driveway. Aaron noticed that the overgrown weeds that filled the yard had begun to fill the driveway too. The house was two stories high. The paint was chipped and it looked like at one time it...