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Impossible to ignore

My papa diedMy mama diedWere carried offBy men in whiteScary men with masksI don't feel wellBut I must dwellIn dust and dirtA lonely hellThey see, but no-one asks They will not aidThey are afraidThat I'm the oneTo seal their fateWith sickness they all fea...


Orphan taken into family catches a burgler.

Tom by 1941aaa I was orphaned at an early age and was most fortunate to be taken in by Peter and Mary Withers, for I took the place of the child they never had. Peter was the gamekeeper for Lord Carlton on his estate in Wiltshire and Mary helped out in th...

May....Scenes 4 and 5

The story of an Australian Aboriginal

Scene 4 A month laterMay’s bed is gone and its place at right is now taken by three tables, each of slightly different size, placed end to end. These are covered by three spotless white tablecloths. Upon the center table, amidst a large array of papers, p...

May....Scenes 2 and 3

The story of an Australian Aboriginal orphan girl.

Scene 2 The Next Day May is seen sitting on a stool at her bench, reading her book, a smile upon her face. She now hears approaching footsteps and hides the book down the front of her dress. She then picks up a needle and thread and proceeds to mend a soc...