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I look into your eyes Your beautiful smiling brown eyes With warmth and promises  That touch my soul They sparkle like stars with love They tell me everything is good I can be me without worry You are on my side always I see and feel the love In your beau...

Season to Season

Saying goodbye to Summer.

Autumn colors now shown Frost has touched your leaves Asleep soon beginning of fall Creating a patchwork tapestry First light alive with sparkle Awaiting a new warming sun To glisten with pearly dew Cooler day and longer nights Notifies Winter soon will c...

Bespangled Sky

The universe grants this old man another day.

Purple clouds hang against a burgeoning blue Brightening scene backdrops black trees on the horizon Darkness again giving way to light brand new Spirits of night... spell soon will be broken Flickering stars once more bidding their final adieu Chilly nigh...


Our mind sometimes deceives.

Broken mirrors cast reflections. Outwardly between their cracks. Rainbows, pure light refractions. Upon the wall, bright color stacks. Perfection created from imperfections. Gleaming splendour, dazzling tracks. Faultless are these dancing projections. Con...

Autumn Morning

Dreamlike walk in the morning fog.

A nippy, dreary, autumn morn today.Sky invisible, everything above is grey. Morning mist enshrouding the trees. Colors of fall embracing their leaves. Creating a wonderful storybook scene. Magical portrait - red, brown, gold and green. Chilly dampness kis...

***This is just here so not all of my story will be shown in the preview, because it is only... thirty-eight words long. I hope you all enjoy it. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~...


What would we do with out friends?

Darkness invade reality, light and color fade. Our world completely tipped upside down. Deep in the gloom, feeling totally betrayed. Words from a friend can remove our frown. Brightening our day with kindness and a smile. Without even knowing, they change...

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Far Beyond Shadows

Words for a Friend

See the past the darkness Let the warmth of color Take your pain away Life is a gift Cherish and treasure it Love every moment Good or Bad Happy or Sad Just breathe, friend Once you learn To accept it The fact as is You will live A better moment Less worr...