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Reincarnation Stories


I have been here before Many times more A different face In a different place.   As each vessel dies Amidst loved one’s cries The spirit rises I return in guises.   Plato, Nero, Rembrandt and Bach Each return gives new paths to walk Embodied within A new...

Fly Away With Me

I want to come back as a butterfly.

If I should die, I want to become a butterfly. To flutter from flower to flower On gossamer wings using wind power. I land on a branch of a big oak tree, Waiting for the wind to set me free. I see a child in the wood walking, I drop on down and start talk...


Fly high, swoop, soar, with confidence sing.

Do not just stand at the opened cage, afraid to jump, of spreading your wings. Freedom only comes when one leaps, feeling the wind beneath their wings. Liberated, soaring on the breezes of life, letting the sun warm deeply, voices sing. Diving into anothe...