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To Kill a Fruit Fly

An assassin bug gives a fruit fly the day of his life.

Just that morning, the assassin bug had thoughts about retiring. Not that he wasn’t doing great; he was at the top of his game. But he had this nagging feeling that he was beginning, just beginning, to lose his edge. And an assassin bug with no edge is in...

I wish I was a fairy And that I could fly Spreading all my Pixie dust And I will tell you why She believes in fairies If you don't she cries Cause if you don't believe in fairies She says they often die She says if we all believe And clap our hands Fairie...

A spider sat on a shelf Waiting all by her self Waiting for a fly To happen to come by Says Miss Spider To the daring young fly What do you have for dinner in mind Alas poor me she said I eat alone No friends to call my own The fly felt sad As she batted...

Fly Away With Me

I want to come back as a butterfly.

If I should die, I want to become a butterfly. To flutter from flower to flower On gossamer wings using wind power. I land on a branch of a big oak tree, Waiting for the wind to set me free. I see a child in the wood walking, I drop on down and start talk...


One unfortunate tale of a typical fly. Poor bugger.

I wonder why, oh why,Does that fly buzz about in my eye?Is it stupid? Why my eye?Are you looking to be killed,Splatted, maimed in cold blood?Do you see that spider? Hanging around, upon its web,Beautifully spun, made from silk,He’s hungry you know!Go on,...

Gidealis Enigma Chapter 24

Demi gets contacted by the Intergalactic forces, asking him to turn in his felon boyfriend

Chapter 24 The Winds of Ashtarma “Tell me more.” I ask, rubbing the thin but strong skin of his wings between my fingers. “I was running away from the intergalactic search, when I smelled Leot. At that point I was in so much pain of his rejection, and his...

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Gidealis Enigma Chapter 23

Demi and Kallitris save Relemill, but trouble is brewing on Kallitris's home planet

Chapter 23 Never to let go “Here.” Kallitris points to the bin nearby. I throw the carrot into the bin and the guard, finding nothing suspicious, looks away. We’re almost to the middle of the field now. The tired and overworked people around pay no attent...