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Mythology Stories


Mission Report From the Soul Sleuth

Slithering Heartbeats in the Sunrise Makes the soufflé of life begin to rise

Heaven repents from the cell I put you in My beautiful soul Does it hurt to trust me again? Is that why you keep me so afraid to begin…. …anything? Heaven Repents from the cell I put you in And Hell mourns the loss of your company The comforting swagger o...

Christopher's Toil

his recent lack of human contact had done little to dispel the myth...

A gentle breeze rustled the leaves which had been scattered haphazardly around the secluded woodland cabin. The local druids knew that the spirits of the trees from which the leaves had been collected would wander the nearby environment to watch over thei...

Their cunning voices coyly soothed his fear.Their whispers damp and cool, a subtle treat. They tempted him with pledges, in each ear, To sate his every bliss, most welcomed feat. The charms of ageless beauty drew him nigh.Pervasive sparkling visions swell...

A God's War Chapter two

War for eternity

Chapter two (Memories) The rain pours down on the earth making the forest damp and empty. Thunder breaks the silence and lightning reveals what is hidden in the dark. Three souls run for dear lives, shouting, praying that anyone would hear but in a domain...

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A God's War

War for eternity

“A god’s war”Chapter One (The man who walks in the Shadows)The morning day appears the same as always in a small town near the ocean; people go about their business while the younger ones prepare for school. Throughout the years, this place remained quiet...


Fly high, swoop, soar, with confidence sing.

Do not just stand at the opened cage, afraid to jump, of spreading your wings. Freedom only comes when one leaps, feeling the wind beneath their wings. Liberated, soaring on the breezes of life, letting the sun warm deeply, voices sing. Diving into anothe...

The Linden Tree Sessions 3 and 4

The Healer's journey continues with an impromptu lesson

Despite the wilder’s assurance that I didn’t need my herbs, I scrambled to retrieve what I could while keeping half an eye on the creature who had stolen my food. Looking closer at him, I could see how thin he was. It was no wonder then why he was searchi...

Orion in the Sky

questions for the Hunter

Orion in the SkyBy Autumn Writer©Copyright 2012 Orion, fearless hunter in the sky,Canis Minor and Major, ever faithful, at your sideWhat is your quarry on this winter night?Is it the lion, Leo, growling before the palace gate,or perhaps the Great Bear lur...