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Retirement Stories


The Queen Mother

She planned well for the future.

The Queen Mother sat quietly as her daughter, the newly crowned monarch, presided over her first meeting of Parliament. She remembered her own first time, following the death of her husband the King. She knew her daughter was nervous, but also saw that sh...

Sail Away

Wouldn't it be nice to fulfill your greatest dream?

In the morning, he walked to where he moored his sloop. He loosed it and sailed off to work. It was his last day. He thought of this day for a long time. When his day ended, he carried his things and tossed them in the trash. He bade his fellow workers go...

Indie Retirement

independent retirement, my way

INDIE RETIREMENT Recently, I had the pleasure of reading a brilliantly composed blog by Michael R. Hicks, (@KreelanWarrior), His blog, entitled: Adjusting to Being a Full-time Author, and posted in four parts on his website, , is about how and why he left...