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Fulfillment Stories


Youth Should Never Fade

Even though you may grow old still may you stay forever young

They signed up for dancing class at an arts center. Once a week. They volunteered for the tech crews at a theater. When time allowed.  They wrote poetry to read at open mic nights. Every so often. They hiked the pathways of the earth. In life's time. They...

Sail Away

Wouldn't it be nice to fulfill your greatest dream?

In the morning, he walked to where he moored his sloop. He loosed it and sailed off to work. It was his last day. He thought of this day for a long time. When his day ended, he carried his things and tossed them in the trash. He bade his fellow workers go...

Waiting.For what? The end.It will come.One needs, One needs to, One needs to succeed At something,Or what was it for?The wait.For the end.Which will come.It always does.It always has.It always will.Until the endOf time. We struggle to simply live,We strug...