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Sports Stories


Hollow and Hallowed

A short story that I have started but have been unable to finish.

The man’s punch could make an ox fall to its chest, flat on the stone, head black in and out. Wouldn’t put him above it neither. His feet moved side to side, creating his bounce that he carried with every step, with every day. When his feet went forward s...

The Amazing Jack Shadow

The life of a man

I want to tell you a true story of a man. Not a celebrity in any sense, although he was quite well known in his very small town, where most everyone knew everyone else, or knew of them. He wasn't a politician, but had a deep interest in politics. He was j...

Two minutes. Waiting. My heart is ready to burst. The lanes are naked, clean, ready to be torn up by cleats and sweat. Hundreds of eyes blinking and staring. Chatter swarmed into a calm storm underneath this dome. Waiting is the hardest part. The anticipa...