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The Accolade

I stand and stare, studying her sheer beauty...

I stand and stare, studying her sheer beauty, her sweet face concentrating and full of love framed by the golden strands of long red hair that flow far down her back. Her white dress, inlaid with golden threads and adorned with a gold belt, covers her fee...


Observing a friend at sun up.

My little friend so nice to see.Awaiting the sun tiny Towhee. Feathers fluffed into a ball.On a branch he sounds his call. Catlike mews make his presence known.Flitting from branch to the ground alone. Foraging the grass for bugs to eat.Then back to the t...

The Amazing Jack Shadow

The life of a man

I want to tell you a true story of a man. Not a celebrity in any sense, although he was quite well known in his very small town, where most everyone knew everyone else, or knew of them. He wasn't a politician, but had a deep interest in politics. He was j...