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Villanelle to Shared Hiraeth

Hiraeth: homesickness for a place which maybe never was; yearning for lost places of your past

Nostalgia yearns for places never found,We search in hope, with joy, and trusting sighs;Hiraeth is ours, both souls are homeward bound. The hollow echoes with a birdlike sound, A song is heard, it crests and gently dies; Nostalgia yearns for places never...

The tempest stopped, our doom has passed us by, Strong winds now die and leave the world at peace. This storm has ended, dawning day draws nigh. Through thunderous lightening, flashes in the sky, We weathered all the gales and dire caprice.The tempest sto...

In Winter Seek Your Passion

Considered to be the most difficult poetic form by some, the villanelle is a challenge.

In Winter seek your passion long since passed, And know that what you sow you often reap. Your life dreams may yet come to you at last.Though ancient hills cache secrets cruelly vast Inside their rock strewn oaken hollows deep, In Winter seek your passion...

Ere Darkness Comes

This is my attempt at a villanelle. See Dylan Thomas' Do not go gentle into that good night.

Ere darkness comes to end this fervid quest, And night subdues until the gleaming dies, Walk onward down the path toward gentle rest.A seeking youth, you strive to leave the nest;To dance with vigor, winning every prize,Ere darkness comes to end this ferv...