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Anonymous 9 months ago

Bel Esprit

To whom I call my dearest, Beloved bel esprit. So full of love and hope. And the hope for love

To whom I call my dearest,  Beloved bel esprit.  So full of love and hope.  And the hope for love.    Love,   I am truly enamored.  For even the passing thought,  Of your sweet kisses,  

Survivor 4 years ago

Villanelle to Shared Hiraeth

Hiraeth: homesickness for a place which maybe never was; yearning for lost places of your past

Nostalgia yearns for places never found,We search in hope, with joy, and trusting sighs;Hiraeth is ours, both souls are homeward bound. The hollow echoes with a birdlike sound, A song is heard, it crests and gently dies; ...

gypsy 5 years ago


Keys can be lost or misplaced - but not always

Look by the door,   A row of hooks Hung with keys - Basement, attic, car All are useful   If you please   But one sits alone No door does it claim   That door is long gone   And all that remains Is the key

Myvryn 6 years ago

If These Walls Could Talk

How do walls view the world?

“Who is that?” “That’s not the girl…” “What happened to the girl?”“How long has it been?”The man and woman stood in the doorway of the second bedroom. Its bare white walls and softly carpeted floor held so much promise. “This will be h...

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What is Winter But a season of nostalgia Don't know what brings back more The coldness Or the coziness Fog of forgotten  rain of rememberence mist of memories: some beautiful...

Laying on my back, soft breathy girl's cries fading into the silence that had screamed your name earlier. The branches blown against the window,beat as my heart slows its rapid cadence. My fingers still fragrant from touching;while yo...

bri54 8 years ago

My Old Boots

I wore my boots down till they were held together with bits of string

My Old BootsMy 'monkey boots' when I was growing upwere like two of my own best friends. Hardly a day did we spend apart,wherever we'd walk or wend.Two rugged bits of cobbled leatherwith scuffed up toes and laces,with c...