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frogprince 5 years ago

Cricket Lone Wolf Part 30

Marcia is troubled by Franci and spirits take hold of her. Daria starts her revenge against Marcia.

Marcia spent the night tossing in bed wrapped in the covers getting no sleep. The discovery of Franci practicing with a bayonet sword weighed heavily on her mind. The implied threat of bodily harm felt as if things never changed from New Jersey. Her...

frogprince 5 years ago

Cricket Lone Wolf Part 28

Marcia feels the weight of her abilities on her shoulders from paranormal things on the island.

When the three girls were ready, they left the barracks and walked to the dining hall entrance. They joined a group of their classmates, who waited, chatting about the night before and sleeping in the barracks. The comment most uttered was that it w...

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frogprince 6 years ago

Cricket Lone Wolf Part 25

The class leaves the castle and takes a ferry ride to the island for summer school.

Marcia and Naomi had returned to their room after a final session with the makeshift orchestra before summer school started. Naomi sat on her bed watching Marcia as she swept up the clothes she tossed on the floor the night before. There was a look o...

frogprince 6 years ago

Cricket Lone Wolf Part 24

Marcia gets ready for summer school with her classmates. The forest attracts her again.

Final exams ended with the standings posted and as expected Marcia was the top student by a wide margin. Summer school started next week and the freshman class was abuzz with excitement. Marcia should be happy, but she sat on her bed sadly thinking a...

frogprince 6 years ago

Cricket Lone Wolf Part 23

Final exams end and the school sighs with relief. Marcia is the top student by a wide margin.

Exactly thirty minutes after they left the tunnels, Marcia and Naomi stood at the headmaster's door. Marcia knocked quietly and moved aside when the door opened. Hans showed the girls into the office and left quietly leaving the meal cart outside the...