What would you do if you can suddenly have all your bad memories wiped out?…

When you go through something painful, do you find yourself wishing it would go away? Do you pray at night wishing someone could either take the hurt or take you? What if there exists a contraption that has the ability to wipe all bad memories. Conve…

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Yup, I am that girl

Yes, I am that girl…

I lay there, thinking of what could have and what should have been, if only our world were a bit closer. If only, you could have been straighter. If only I, if only, I was a bit braver. I lay in my bed wistfully thinking how it would have been nice t…

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You have you

You don't need anyone to fix you, you can do it yourself.…

Was I never enough? I know I have given my allI have loved you more than I could ever love myselfI have given you all there is to meBut still, you have left meAlone, broken and irreparable It’s incomprehensible,You’ve loved someone, but they don’t lo…

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A Dream

I am letting this dream pass me…

Like all things I can’t hold, you are untouchable. As if intangible to my touch, it can’t hold you like I wanted. Like how I wish to hold you in my arms and,  Maybe, just maybe feel your warmth. Like all things that are far away, you are unreachable…

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Will You, Please?

I wish I no longer care.…

If I were not hard to please or too aloof to say the least If I were to care less with judgements to be at ease If I were too insensible to notice or deaf and blind to see If I were strong enough but no, my heart crumbles to hear thee And now I am …

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I Have Had Enough

An open letter to the people who will never understand me…

I had come to the conclusion that when you tell a soul something, that soul will never cease itself from telling another soul what you have just told that one particular, except the information that was passed, varies. To prove my point, we don’t hav…

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It's you I cannot resist and it's you I will resist.…

I looked at you, with eyes feigning dis-fascination yet frankly, disputing the desire of tugging you and embrace you with amorous caress—thy lips touching mine, as we unravel the unspoken and unnamed force that magnetizes the two of us like a hollow …

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Have Faith, Anastasia

A sentiment of a broken heart--Anastasia.…

Often times, the thought of inexistence crosses my mind. It’s excruciating, the things I have to go through—indeed life was the bitch that has to be dealt. There were even those mournful nights when I wished upon that dead star—shining brightly in th…

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A Letter To Modern Romeo

letters from a girl who wanted to move on but couldn't bring her self to.…

Dear Romeo,Hey, let me get this straight. I know you would be skeptical if you will read this or not, it’s your choice. I am not going to force you. I know, It took long for me to send this but I was weighing things out. If I’m going to share this or…

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