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Some people never give up

she died this morning, her bony little hands clutching her pigeon chest, a look almost of relief on her tiny face. sitting upright on the hard chair he feels a cold black thrill, like the Nazi he is. what will he do now? he's not used to being alone. he g...

I Remember My Dress

A relationship you will never get over.

I remember mydressclose-fitting andblackimprisoning my body like shrink wrapI remember myhairlong and darkbrownwith a narrowband of velvettight over myfrownI remember that daywe made ourplansand with promises likea welding torchyou said you would never de...


Nothing in my experiences was anything as brutal as this. Back and forth all day I had to carry four buckets that weighed at least a ton each, filled with luminous sapphire blue water. If that wasn’t enough staying close to Fei was very difficult; she lif...