The Healer's Spirit

On a quest to free her mother’s spirit from a wicked pact, Tana faces a final confrontation with her past.…

The Princess’ GriefPrincess Artanna of Tan Kolar watched her mother sink to the ground and lie still. Litanus, the acolyte of her father who had done the deed, released the garotte from around the woman’s neck. He knelt and confirmed that she was dea…

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The Healer's Power

Tana must call on her father's teaching to save another healer…

“Almost there, Anta” Tana called out, “Just keep pushing. I see the head.”The healer was kneeling before the young woman’s spread legs, watching carefully as the baby’s head started to emerge. Anta’s mother knelt by the girl’s head, holding her hand …

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The Bat

Could Will really fix his life-shattering mistake?…

Will Mitchell leaned against the lockers and stared at Neil Parker. The older boy lay on the floor, his head surrounded by blood. Was Neil dead? Or just unconscious? Will dropped the baseball bat he had used to attack the bully. It hit the floor with…

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Fate's Answer

After months of despair, would Fate let Lauren go on, or let her go?…

There was only one gift under the little Christmas tree atop the TV when Lauren awoke on Christmas Day. It was no surprise. Lauren had put it there herself the previous day. She picked it up, hesitating a little. Then she opened it.In the box was her…

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An Encounter in the Woods by Night

A walk in the woods leads to something strange…

Eldon Woods was dark and quiet as I walked the path from Riordan Crescent to the park. I rarely entered those woods after dark. There were reports of coyotes and, more likely, the risk of human predators. But on this night, I took my daily walk after…

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The Healer's Secret

Nightmares force a healer to deal with a past she hoped was over…

Prologue - The FallArtanna stood quietly on a hill and watched the great tower of Tan Kolar fall. Around the collapsing structure, smoke and flames rose from the Night Lord’s palace. A battle raged outside the high walls of black stone as the tattere…

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The Empty Office

Where is Jack? Where is everybody?…

The office was empty when Jack came back from the archives. He could not hear any sounds or see anyone around. Jack frowned, then went into his private office and dropped the pile of files he had pulled on his desk. The clock on Jack’s desk phone sho…

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Saturday Afternoons at the Opera

A reflection on how my father's taste in music was passed down…

The other day I was doing some work in the kitchen, fixing up the caulking behind the sink. As I often do when I’m doing stuff in that room, I put the radio on to CBC Radio 2. It being a Saturday afternoon, opera poured out into the room. I don’t eve…

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Songs to Keep Monsters Away

Open mike night was never like this…

To everyone in the room, she seemed like just a normal girl wearing Vans, blue jeans, and a red hoodie. No one really paid her much attention as she walked to the back of the bar and settled into a booth.Maureen did notice the girl as she came out of…

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Us Survivors

A survivor of the streets takes a walk on a steamy, sleepless night…

Tina felt the bedsheet peel away from her skin as she sat up. She was covered in a sheen of sweat from head to toe. Her hair was damp and matted. Even at midnight with all the windows open and no clothing but panties, Tina could not seem to beat the …

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Before the statue of the warrior, she weeps…

Voldar knelt before the statue of the great warrior and wept. Around her were the ruins of the city she had once called home. Foes had swept over it weeks before.“How could you let this happen?” Voldar cried, “You swore to protect them.”But the statu…

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The Target

The assassin's target was more than he bargained for…

The killer looks down the scope at his target. He neither knows nor cares why The Boss wants this woman dead. That is not the killer's problem.The woman is undressing. Her dress slips to the floor, then her underwear. The killer watches with delight.…

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Musings of a Forgotten Deity

A deity meditates on their fading glory…

I have lived forever,Or so it seems to me,In my little temple,By the shining crystal sea.Some come in celebration,Some have come to sneer,Some have run in terror,I can be one to fear.My power is enormous,My mercy can be rare,Given to the wise folk,Ca…

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The Goddess Dances

A goddess learns joy from a little girl…

Talala looked down on the city square of Tantovar and smiled. Around her, people danced in a throng that filled the square. The rhythmic beat of hand drums and skirl of pipes filled the air with joyous sounds.“If only I could dance with them,” though…

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Something was outside her new house…

Something flew past the bedroom window as Shannon closed it for the night. The dark shape went by quickly, so quickly that Shannon could not really see what it was. Startled, she jumped back.“Probably just a bat or bird,” the young woman muttered as …

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My temple

A pantheist's place of worship…

High up among the mountain peaks,'Midst towering trees and flowing creeks;There I will find a holy space,That’s filled with beauty, love, and Grace.In this temple I shall bow and pray,And worship to the Cosmos pay.  …

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The Goodbye We Never Had

Political rivals deal with their shared past…

Frank Baldwin stared out the window of his office. The lights of downtown Eversham shone before him. Usually, the mayor smiled when he looked out at those lights. A lifelong resident who had been the city’s mayor for twelve years, Frank was pleased a…

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The Berry Girl

The mysterious girl knew where to find the best raspberries…

Butterflies and bees danced under the summer sun as Gail walked to the raspberry patch. The heat was increasing as the day wore on but was still bearable. With the lake as her pool, the heat did not really matter to Gail. She would re-apply sunscreen…

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Lady in the Lake

A rescue leads to a grim inspiration for an artist…

I am slumped in a chair, staring at my newest painting. For over twenty-four hours I have been awake, painting in a near-trance for more than half that time. The painting portrays a scene not far from my studio, a shallow bay on Lake Madeline. A woma…

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Spooky People

A celebration of my favorite night of the year…

Spooky people come out to play.This is now your special day.Scare the other folks away.Spooky people play!Monster people come out to dance,Tonight will be your perfect chance.Caper, spin, stomp, and prance!Monster people dance!Witch-y people grab you…

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