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Spirits Stories


The Spirits of Tan Maldrin

A priestess’ mission to an abandoned palace uncovers powerful spirits and dark sorcery

Lorn Elera stared up at Tan Maldrin. The ancient palace loomed above the priestess of the Denith Lorn, crowning the hill on the West side of the ruined town where she stood. A shadowy figure stood atop the central keep, silhouetted against the light of th...

The Healer's Power

Tana must call on her father's teaching to save another healer

“Almost there, Anta” Tana called out, “Just keep pushing. I see the head.” The healer was kneeling before the young woman’s spread legs, watching carefully as the baby’s head started to emerge. Anta’s mother knelt by the girl’s head, holding her hand and...

Deus Ex Machina~

A story about a certain train that brought with it the spirits of an old town's past.

Deus Ex Machina is a phrase that made itself ever evident on a cold November night. It was in the late 1960's in a small Arizonan town and was one of the few towns that still ran early model locomotives. It often made for good and quick travel between des...

The Ocean

The Ocean

The ocean's wavesCall out your nameEach time They crash to the shore.The beating voiceFrom nature's ployReverberates softly Filling my lost soul.The rushing soundKeeps hammering downMemories put away Long ago.The receding wakeNever gives and only takesAwa...