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I have broken myself down into my most basic parts. That which makes me up, that which tears me down. Solid and headstrong, for only I, know what's right. Prone to such weakness and indulgence even so,   For I want more than to survive.   To one end of na...

Every Writer Needs His Muse

Once you find that girl, your mind goes into overdrive.

Every Writer Needs His Muse - Adrian Gabardo It's the little things she does, the way she smiles, the way she looks at you, the emotions your heart feels every time you get a glimpse of her shiny dark hair. That warm feeling that runs through yours veins,...

"I think that poem was about me. I mean, us?" "No. Don't think so. I just write stuff from things that inspire me. It doesn't have to be about real people. No, it's not about you, or us." "Okay. Just seemed familiar. Like you were trying to tell me someth...

I have no inspirationjust don't know what to writethere isn't any poemthat wants to come out rightYet I can not endure thatI have to hold a penand when it touches paperit starts to flow againjust random thoughts and picturesand words, all roaming freeI'm...

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