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Silence Stories


Back to School Challenge: Don't Do Nothing

Sometimes, the world’s troubles can be solved with a quote by Albert Einstein.

Thurman appeared to me on a Tuesday, in a wall tile of my newly renovated bathroom. It was a little after six P.M. and I was drawing a hot bath. I perched on the edge of the tub and waited for the water to reach that perfect temperature. I was tired. Worn...

The Lips of Infinity

Because love lifts you up to the lips of infinity ...

The Lips of Infinity(Raanana, May 16, 2019) And he welcomed them,The children, the old ones, the infirm,The youth, the busy young men and women,The forsaken and excommunicated,The doubters and disbelievers,Agnostics and atheists,The doctors, the scientist...



The world stops, silence prevails It starts again, chaos So much rush, so much greed I think silence is all we need. Everyday day at four, go out and see Beauteous benign beatific breeze blows In your heart , you will feel That silence is really a great d...

Unlikely Bonds

Trust and respect do create unlikely bonds.

Locked in silence not always badImmersed in one's thought not sad Shedding a tear can be good to doLetting the strife of living life undo Not needing to hear nary a wordSilence lets coping be less blurred Allowing new light to venture inReviving one's tru...

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At two o'clock after midnight...

Hate it when silence comes,And memories of you envelope me.Need to hear from you,But the silence overwhelms me.Let me just be a memory-You might want to remember,You might want to forget.Leave if you must!Please leave now!Rune 03.25.15


A coyote's howl shatters night's silence.

Dead silence ringing in my ears Alone outside in the dark of night A coyote's howl from nowhere appears My mind not filled with any fright Then a call from an owl I hear Awaiting arrival of morning's light Nothing in the dark this old man fears Droplet fr...

Harper: Slow

Inspired by: Slow by TheSarahJade on YouTube

"I miss you so much."I kneel on the grass and stare into the darkening horizon for a long period of time, my mind whirling, the compulsively organized file cabinets in my brain spewing memories onto the floor. I am forced to sift through them in order to...

As the morning slowly brightens I sit and contemplate the silence And the darkness that surrounds me As a blanket, snug and tight Knowing I must let the day come Though reluctant, so I hold on For as long as I am able To the remnants of the night.

The Strange White Man Part 27

Holly's training begins

In the weeks that followed Lafayette's departure Carpenter began Holly's training. He taught her how to move at night without being seen and to move as softly at a cat. She had demonstrated that she knew how to jump down from high places, so now he taught...


Silence is golden

Silence Go to any public library You will see the sign Silence is GoldenWe are taught to be silent Punished for breaking the Golden ruleMany a day I stood with my nose in the cornerFor I did not embrace this ruleBless my Mother for teaching me wellHer sha...