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ghost story
Anonymous 1 year ago

It was much more isolated than he'd imagined. He'd pictured the cemetery by a church. Near a town. Near something. Not this - just a cemetery, in a forest, with nothing - and no-one - around. The darkness didn't help, or the creeping fog. D...

MileHighWriter 4 years ago

A Ghost Story

This is a true story.

I only did a short run last night. The day had been hot, and I had already run almost every day this week. Also, I was on call for work. Technically I'm not supposed to be more than 15 minutes from being able to get online in response to some technical...

KittyintheStars 7 years ago

City of the Dead

A sarcastic stone statue, a Victorian ghost and a humorous skeleton help solve the ultimate mystery.

City of the Dead “You look like a corpse.” Those were not nice words to hear upon waking up. I sat up and clutched my head. Ugh. Worst. Hangover. Ever. Now the biggest question of all: Was last night’s party wor...