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I see colorful bugs Brown ones Green ones White ones too They creep on the floorUnder the doorCreep in your shoesI don't know what to doI had one named Joe Another named Amy When they got smashed  I cried like a baby

Keeper of the Crackling Lights of Sudden Death

Few heed the warnings of the Keeper of the Lights, but it's a steady job.

“Don’t do it,” said the moth to the mosquito. “Don’t fly into those lights.” The old moth was sitting on his perch next to the blue lights, trying to talk some sense into the mosquito. “Those lights will suck the life right out of you,” he warned the mosq...

Foreground: Operation New Moon (Lucy)

Another excerpt of Foreground: Operation New Moon, mostly dialogue, enjoy!

Lucy hops around the sapphire blue fire, occasionally flapping her tiny wings to get a good feel of them. I load my magazines with ammunition and watch her as she dances around the flame. Here on Cordial, most firewood stored enough energy to turn the fla...

The Little Bed Bug

The life of a bed bug.

I am a bed bug, named Tilly. Sometimes I crawl on your Willy. No I`m not being rude... You have all misconstrued! You share your bed... With a bug named Willy. Okay... So you think I am silly? I hope to marry your Willy. Do you hear what I say? We will ma...

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You made me jump!

The Great Horsefly Steeplechase

Ant arrived at the racetrack to watch the big race, the main event was the Grand Steeplechase. Insects were saddling their favourite steeds, they’d been training them hard, jumping ditches and reeds. The steeds were paraded before the crowd, all were chee...