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The Body“Keep it together, newbie,” hissed Todd Fletcher, staring at her with his steely gray gaze, telling her to hold it together and not to let the other officers see the horror or repulsion she felt at that moment as she looked over the body. Swallowi...


Can I believe what I see?

I catch my gazeIn silvered glassWatching who I seeI tilt my headFrom side to sideMaking sure it’s meIs there beauty?Hard to sayI know the face so wellReach my handTo one outstretchedFlesh meets solid coolOlive skinDark curly hairToned figure, real hipsEye...

lost in a world,where no one can find me,where I can't find myself.I go in search of body and soul,I wander afar.over rough roads,stormy watersand dark clouds.through distant uncharted galaxiesand countless unknown companionswicked sorr...