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Something Happened

Charlie was beginning to feel pretty mellow when he saw the air in front of him waver.

Charlie Jones attended a party of friends and acquaintances in one of the trendy studio apartments near Washington Square on the lower east side of Manhattan. Charlie brought some beer, one of the girls brought wine. Someone brought some hash and someone...

The Crucial Test

It was the news I dreaded, but read anyway.

I stand in my tiny kitchen to get a cool glass of apple juice. I grip the bottle tightly as I pour. I stop pouring, not because the glass is full, but because my hand shakes so violently. The shaking is worse now. I can barely hold anything without shakin...

Mr. Bender's Nose Problem

Mr. Bender's nose problem is about to take a strange twist.

Mr. Hal Bender was always told he had a wire loose somewhere in that mathematically gifted, bad comb-over head of his. His fellow bean counters at the accounting firm of Gort, Kitt, and Servo voted Hal most likely to mate with a computer. And if Mr. Bende...


A trail of fire was seen from afar in the blackness of the night. Each torch showed brightly the path of Wolfsbane pass. The forest silent in anticipation awaited the fate of the halo sisters. Four sorceresses of very strange and powerful magic’s. Deep wi...

Of Hogs and Men

What’s a rib-busting bar fight compared to a run in with a wild boar hog in a briar patch?

Youth was not being served, at least not on the chessboard. It took a call from the hospital to halt the onslaught by the forces of Dr. Robert Miles against those of his grandson. There’d been a bar fight. The loser was waiting in the emergency room. Havi...

The Emergency Department: people don’t like being here. It usually means your sick, or injured, or someone you know is sick or injured. The only other reason to be here is because you attend to the sick and injured. As well as the insane, the inebriated,...

Medical Personnel Limericks I

From the Poems that Society Demands series.

A weight-lifting phlebotomist Russell,had a humongous bicep muscle.A vein he would graband then give a hard stab.Often he and the patient would tussle.A young gastro doctor named Nate,could never get a second dinner date.He just could not stoprattling on...

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