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Gods Stories


Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

How does one answer this age-old question?

“Have you chosen yet?” Warrick asked, curious as to his brother’s decision. “I have, yes,” answered Zarrack. “Yes, brother, but have you chosen wisely?” “That depends on your definition of wise, I suppose.” Zarrack paced pensively. He knew that his decisi...

Musings of a Forgotten Deity

A deity meditates on their fading glory

I have lived forever,Or so it seems to me,In my little temple,By the shining crystal sea. Some come in celebration,Some have come to sneer,Some have run in terror,I can be one to fear. My power is enormous,My mercy can be rare,Given to the wise folk,Calli...

Myth: The Story of Everything

This is how the world began. Or should have, at least, if I had any say in it...

In the beginning, there was Chaos: Ever-changing. All-encompassing. Eternal?Not quite. There came a separation of the darkness and the light, and then there were gods within the teeming void. The gods were mighty and wise, and they looked about them and s...

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