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Hallucinations Stories


Slice of the Horrifying Mundane

in an invisible battle of Sanity vs. Lucidity, Who will win? Whose side are you on?

“Reality is a cruel mistress and Fantasy is a kind one. The more I learn of myself the more fictional I feel. As if I am their love child, named Delusion, with an astral twin, named Dissociation. The Gemini of the Cosmic Zodiac, only one of us has the tem...

Dream Exploring

My reality, or is it just my silly fantasy?

Laying in my bed exploring a dream,In my own reality worlds,I can soar like a glider, walk through a wall,Or seduce some beautiful girls.I am a deity in my perceptual state;These hallucinations are mine.I am free; I can be whatever I want;I become my only...


Snow White: The demonic truth...

I did this because I was bored... Discretion is advised, lol.

Once upon a time, there was a princess named Snow White. She was the sweetest, most innocent girl in the the whole realm and was considered the fairest of them all. She lived in the castle with her stepmother, the queen. One day, Snow went to see her step...

When the Silence is Sound Enough

Taking a breather to let out the strangeness in my head. Welcome to my world.

I A layer of dust lay thick in a faintly glowing square. Her finger moved languidly over its surface leaving behind a scar of nebulous light in its wake, releasing a lusterless beacon into the cell-like room. The pale beam stabbed the floor, causing her t...