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Italy Stories


Machiavelli and Brexit

Two couples, enticed by love, swimming and dining, debate European unity.

,            about 2300 words James Machiavelli and Brexitby James Foley In Melbourne, Florida, the east wall of the Eau Gallie Public Library is sheer glass—facing the Intracoastal Waterway...

Spiders and Demons

Faced with the threat of the Grey, Liyah must pretend to love her husband.

She stepped down the broad marble staircase uncertainly, feeling the weight of the coin purse Artemidoros had given her thump heavily against her leg. At the bottom of the steps, she turned back, looking to the porch above, attempting to glimpse the man w...

That summer, it was too hot. We didn’t have a thermometer, and even if we had, the little red lines and numbers wouldn’t have meant much to me. But I knew that it wasn’t normal. It couldn’t be. By the time the church clock struck ten it was already too st...