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Having Fun Skinny Dipping

This haiku poem shows us what a group of female friends enjoy while skinny dipping.

Those girls enjoyed the feel of the cool water on their uncovered skin.


Forget Me Forever

This poem is from the point of view of a man having no choice but to break up with his ladylove.

We both know that letting her go would be heartbreaking for us but there really is no way not even for one whole day to stay with her and keep loving. I am sorry, my darling flower. Forget me forever.

The Funeral Director

I'm here to help with all the arrangements

I'm your final destination after you die My job is to make you pretty I fix all your sins and all your lies You'll look wonderful and not gritty I place you in a lined box Made up with your clothes Comb your beautiful locks Casket is opened or closed Peop...