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Fan Of An NFL Team

An NFL fan uses this 3-5-3 piece to let us know what team he happens to be cheering for.

I am a Browns fan and not of Eagles nor Patriots.


Having Fun Skinny Dipping

This haiku poem shows us what a group of female friends enjoy while skinny dipping.

Those girls enjoyed the feel of the cool water on their uncovered skin.

Riddles and Haiku's - What Am I?

Riddles with Haiku's are silly little things. Can you guess what I am?

Steady like a drum,humble and blissfully whole,red reminds you of me.Rapid and Happy,this is what your presence brings,so full of love too. Broken and detached. my love is all but gone now. aches and pain remain. What Am I?

Feet splashing in streams,Slowly treading with bare feet.Sharing the pleasure.Soaking wet clothing,Drenched with the water of life.Skipping in the rain.Moisture in the soil,Saturating nourishment.Smiles at the blooming. ~~~~~ Clouds across the sky,Blown b...

The Four Seasons

A suite of Haikus, read by our own Daisy.

SPRING Dripping from the eaves, Snow melts slowly while it turns The hard sod to mud.***** The dog barks hoarsely, He echoes in vibrations As the moon shines down. ***** Up through the green turf, Crocuses lift heads of pearl Into buoyant air. ***********...

Haiku Cries for Help

Written for a funny 5-7-5 poetry contest. I have to pick one. Please feel free to opine.

On Housework(A poetic emotive grunt.)I hate housecleaning.Doing windows is a pane.And vacuuming sucks.--------------------------------------Of Men and Wind(A portrait of a primeval relationship.)When wind roars heed it.When wind brings the rain rejoice.If...

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The Journey

A Multi-versed Haiku about my wife's journey through cancer

Many years of health Blessing flowed abundantly Laughter, love and peace Without permission Beneath the surface growing Tumors of evil Tears of fear crying Uncertain times lie ahead Love will get us through Sickness darkness light A vicious circle of heal...

Filling Literary Voids II: Erotic Chewing Gum Haikus

More poetry that society demands--mastication haikus in 5-7-5 form.

On Anticipating Chewing Gum I want to taste you. I want you to make me moist. My mouth awaits you. On Enjoying Chewing Gum You pass through my lips. My tongue caresses your form. I taste your sweet juice. On the Dénouement Squishy, flat, and soft. You sat...

For My Lover: A Haiku Chain

A love poem with each verse a Haiku.

You lie beside me.All my fears then disappear.I have all I need.The smallest caress.It awakens my passion.It fuels desire.Loving lips, soft hands.A tongue gently caresses.Two release as one.Then deep sleep for both.The sun greets in the morning.Warm just...