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new life

I looked at the words on the letter that threatened to take my smile away I slowly realized I had put more into the relationship that was budding then It was really supposed to have.   Sometimes that happens in life we meet people and it's only for a mome...

Sailing away to a new life

Sailing away to a new life

Sailing away to a new lifeThere was a clash of thunder and a flash of lightning.  The rain lashed down, soaking Peter Donnie as he stood there looking back at the city.  His rucksack on his shoulder, and a carrier bag with some of his clothes “All I have...

The Nurses. Chapter 14.

Maria sets out on the longest journey of her young life.

Munchen-Pasing. June 8 th 1940     Maria's travel papers had been delivered in person just two days after the surgeon had told her she would be leaving and she was relieved to find that she had a little longer than she thought.   The past few days had bee...