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7 years ago

Phantom Wars Chapter 19

New years comes and the festivities are extravagant.

Chapter Nineteen: New years On new years day Ethan stepped outside his room and walked to the lobby to find out the mansion had transformed again. But this time it was much more different than on Christmas. The lobby had grown 20 times in size, maybe more...

7 years ago

Phantom Wars Chapter 17

A brief history of the Alaster family legacy.

Chapter Seventeen: Family Legacy Ethan took a sip of the tea Marry had prepared for both of them. It was delicious. “I didn’t know this place had tea.” Ethan said taking another sip from his cup. “It doesn’t.” Marry said. “I must gather the herbs myself f...

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7 years ago

Phantom Wars Chapter 7

A mysterious new threat reveals itself.

Chapter Seven: MalevolentSpirit After Ethan agreed to be Picario’s roommate, Picario transformed his bed into a bunk bed. It was the same proportions as the first but with a top part attached to it. The two of them then wrestled around for who would be on...

Chapter Six: Roommates Ethan had no time to admire the luxurious lobby of the 94th floor as he arrived there because Picario was already jogging off down the hall to the rooms section. Ethan jogged after him and quickly caught up. Picario said nothing dur...

Chapter Four: Picario When Ethan got into the first floor lounge it was practically empty. There were handfuls of other phantoms standing or sitting around in groups, but they barely made a dent in the massive sized lounge. Now that it wasn’t swarming wit...