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Marco 1 year ago

Can’t rain forever (part 03)

Julie found something to light her days... will it last?

The next morning, he was there at ten, but I was busy with a group of tourist customers, looking for maps and history books about the city. They got me really busy for at least an hour, but in the end, I managed to sell...

Marco 1 year ago

Can’t rain forever (part 02)

Julie lives a meaningless life, mourning her losses

Two days later I was in a new city. I knew nobody, had no relatives nor friends, and couldn’t count on anyone but me. I tried and tried. I passed weeks looking for jobs and the money was soon going to finish until I foun...

girlie4280 7 years ago

Being Yourself

Never be afraid of being yourself or changing

I wonder why some people are so shy?I am one of them I admitI know why I am shyBut people may take my shyness as being rudeSome people judge me because I am quietOthers ignore me insteadIt doesn't matter because...