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Slumber Stories


All Through the Night

Man has sleep disturbed while wife sleeps

Up, unwilling out of sleep’s sensuous pit. Again, the cry, thin, tentative. Fourth time tonight? Fifth? Cosy-rosy dreams fade. Windows, still winter dark. Time? Late—were there streetlights? Reach blindly for clock on table. Sleep-numb fingers touch but o...

Sweet Cherub

Even cherubs need someone watching over them.

I may not be an angel,more like the devil's son. Circling on blackened wings, charred by life not the sun. Prefect, hell no I'm not,would never profess to be. Soaring high inside night itself,keeping watch over thee. Hearing your cries of anguish,brings a...

Prairie Storm

Calming effects of a summer storm.

Wild wind blows across prairie wide. Jostling everything from side to side. Booming in the distance, thunder rolls. Forked fire across darkened sky scrolls. Upon roofs, falling rain droplets dance. Chanting a symphony, as they prance. Soft lullaby, helpin...