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Timeless Stories


The Mystical Pool Part II

As the mist cleared the full moon, the old lion drank from the pool

Six raiders and two ancient Triremes sailed from the Isle of Man. With the sun to their backs rows slicing the waves making for the Kingdom of Jewels. Under the banners of the Golden Lion, and the Grey Wolf, 600 strong warriors with thoughts of exotic lan...

The Mystical Pool

As the mist cleared the full moon, the old lion changed back to being a young irish warrior

The Mystical Pool first in a three part muse. Throughout man's time there are stories and myths of lovers and soul mates.This is but one story, that distance lovers still to this day dream of undying love of another. This tale of love starts back during t...

The smell of baking bread

Memories evoked from the smell of baking bread.

Hot ovens, red faces, melting butter on burnt eager fingers Breakfast is waiting, warm bread for babies: lovingly cooked. Hearty meal round our family table, blessing and chit chat; soup on the boil. Queuing for sweet bread in a Mexican side street. Time...