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Fine Wine

Do you look back as I do, and think our teenage years were crazy?

Has it been twenty years?It doesn't seem that long.Since we got tattoos in Blackpooland danced to Rosie Gaines songs. Rollercoasters, bumper cars,it's all a little hazy.Do you look back as I do,and think our teenage years were crazy? Nights at Cafe de Par...


Date night

Every evening with the one you love

I would love to kiss your lips when they're moist with wine and painted red with desire. Gaze into your eyes where your love smolders glowing with passions fire. Feel your bodies warm alabaster flesh burn against mine in a romantic embrace imaging strands...


Terrified of everything.

Terrified of everything After what you did to me Terrified of everything It's like I ceased to be Terrified of everything Panic all the time Terrified of everything So I drink too much wine Terrified of everything I just confided in a friend Terrified of...

WARNING: Very coarse language used in two places in the dialog. Be warned. With the holidays approaching I recalled this memory and wanted to share it.So here I am headed to a Christmas party at the house of one of the school bus drivers. Yes, I drove a s...

At age five, I had already experienced the loss of a parent. My biological father died of lung cancer. At age six, I had already experienced alcoholism, though not personally. My mom was glued to her wine. That was how I found her one day, walking into th...

The last van load was finally delivered to Rufus’ flat.“Wow, it’s finally official,” Cynthia sighed.“Not yet,” Rufus smiled.“Huh?” Cynthia was confused.“Here you go!” Rufus fished a key out of his pocket and gave it to Cynthia, “now it’s official! Now, le...

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Good Wine and Poetry

Aging like good wine and making poetry

They say that wine is best when it has aged, but who are they to say that? What do they know, these experts, about age? What about the grapes, the vines, the sun, the soil, the misty mornings, the eyes that watched the ripening, the fingers that plucked a...


Words come and go.The poetry muse dropped by at an inconvenient moment, and was sadly ignored.

WordsFlittered and skittered across the surface of my mind,Had they been caught,pinned down,Written in timeI would have had a poemof grace and style,Memorable, perhaps, for its scansion and rhyme.But they weren't:At that momentI was making supper,And drin...