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Anniversary Stories


His Lordship Of Norfolk

everyone in Norfolk knows, that Her Ladyship wears the trousers.

His Lordship of Norfolkhas upset his lovely wife.This doesn't bode wellfor the future harmony of his life. Their Wedding Anniversaryhe has failed to remember.Too busy was he on Facebookbothering a distant family member. Her Ladyship cried, "Enough!This I...

My Heart Belongs To You Too

Anniversary poem for my late husband.

I feel lostI ache insideIt's our anniversary FridayI was your brideSuch a wonderful dayI had a beautiful dressWe made our vowsHad our union blessedAfter so many yearsYou finally gotMe to agreeTo tie the knotMade me your wifeTwas a simple affairSo special...

Happy Ending

A man receives his first massage, and finds a happy ending (not THAT kind).

I generally do not like massages. There is something about a fully clothed stranger touching me while naked that resonates weird in my mind. It brings to mind the clinical setting of my doctor’s office instead of a relaxing environment. Masseuses also ask...

If It's Worth Reading, You'll Find It Here.

Can't imagine what inspired this one...Happy Birthday Stories Space...:)

In the mood for something to read?Then of my advice you best take heed.If it’s worth reading, you’ll find it here,On a site that’s celebrating its very first year. Looking for adventure that packs a thrill?Or a crime drama that ends in a kill?You can find...


A couple celebrates their wedding anniversary with a surprise.

I woke up on a bright Saturday morning to the birds chirping and the sun shining in my face. Today is our wedding anniversary and I have something to tell my husband of one year. My gift to him is one he’ll never expect. I look up and see my husband carry...