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Spare parts

Who has ever touched the well of ink with no fear that his thirst will stay insatiable?

Some certain ransom in this agony, To write, to tell, recount, recite… That majesty of lying and signing that purified fraud a story is, How shameless could be asking a poem ask you things instead of me, And who is me? Some certain freedom in this rhapsod...

Suffering in Silence

Living in Pain Each and Everyday .....

I live in physical pain each and everyday; I had a terrible fall and now unfortunately live this way. I need to have a certain type of surgery, to fix this agony;I lose my mind and always my sanity. My knee is swollen and twice its size;The pain just make...

At Times

No one can hear them inside my head.

At times my thoughts are profound and darkAt times things I think are austere no spark At times they consume causing much agony At times I allow them to progress too gluttony At times I have lost every bit of self controlAt times losing all semblance hear...