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Freeverse Stories


What's Your Poison?

Coping has many flavors but one directive

Sorrow eats the worm at the bottom of the bottle with a kind of parasitic fermentation that now poisons the mind into thinking they are free that they have control over their life that they are whole as long as they keep drinking as long as they keep drin...

My Life

Life is unknowable, yet we spend ourselves trying to glean the truth of life

I love my wondrous life of joy, bliss and happiness  My many incredible adventures traveling the world  Meeting people of undeniable spirit, strength and charm  Witnessing the awe inspiring beauty of the natural world  I love my life, I can do nothing les...

And now, and now?

first attempt at free verse

Dipping and turning I try pull free of structureAnd miss and pullI’m still, I’m stillDrowning in meaningDiscarding stanzas like past relationshipsMixing metaphors like cocktails in happy hourOverwhelmed by mediocrityIt’s hard to unlearn, Scary evenAnd now...