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Observing a friend at sun up.

My little friend so nice to see.Awaiting the sun tiny Towhee. Feathers fluffed into a ball.On a branch he sounds his call. Catlike mews make his presence known.Flitting from branch to the ground alone. Foraging the grass for bugs to eat.Then back to the t...

The Little Bird That Could

I thought I'd share this story as Dreamcatcher did with his wonderful Thrice Mice.

A strange thing happened today. While I was responding to a nice comment on one of my poems, I heard a thump on the window of my bedroom. Curiously I got out of bed and looked out. What I saw on the ground was the body of an adolescent Cardinal. I realize...


Wings spread wide, feathers in flight, The little finch flew through the air. He sings his song, as he flies along, To his true love, one that was rare. Her golden glory shown from above. The sun, was a lover so true. During the day he thinks himself a do...

I fly on the back of a black bird,soaring high above the ground.Together we have adventures,playing as we fly around.Sometimes I miss the world below,but I am not welcome there.So I stay up high with my bird,We stay up in the air.From high up I can see yo...

A little lost bird

A little bird finding her way home.

A little lost birdTrying to find her way homeA little lost birdLost in the worldOver the tree topsAnd under the gray cloudsA little lost birdTrying to find her way homeA meadow of flowers, grass and treesMaking her way homeA little lost birdStill trying t...