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Porcupine’s Gift

In which Girl realizes the import of the quill Porcupine gave her.

~~~~~~~ Previously Girl carefully put two fingers on the porcupine quill she had selected and gently pulled on it. It didn't move at first, then slowly, like from a bottle of molasses, came free. Girl held it up. "I have it, Madam. Now what?" "Why scratch...

Love rejoices with the truth

1 Corinthians 13: 6-7

Lightening's strike Unexpectedly, out of a clear sky Lies laying waste Love's delights?   No, honesty is our key Your words set us free To rejoice in God's truth Rightous love is our humanity   For he looks kindly on our choice to love Trusts us with his...


we have choices

Choices Day in, Day out. News flood into your life. Wake with a headache. Walk to work with the same. Shadows dance in the storefront glass. Mocking you. Voices cooing in your brain. Choices Pat's Bar lights bright, gleaming glasses. Filled with Jack, mus...

From Journey Homeward: The Red Sea

The Red Sea awakens thoughts of being Jewish, Moses, hertitage

  We anchored in the afternoon, a mile or so off shore and I remember while the shouts and hectic movements of the crew surrounded me, like tangled line, a few thoughts tore me loose. Standing there, between the shores, dazzled by the color of the green w...