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Brookell 11 months ago

One Disaster After Another

What else could go wrong this year!

This year, amid multiple tragedies such as the Corona pandemic, record-breaking hurricanes and tropical storms, and an outrageous election — the entire airline industry was grounded. No, it wasn’t COVID-19, although that played a role in the many strug...

clum 11 months ago

“I think that’s enough for tonight, Nobuo.” The young boy’s father had stood in the doorway for thirty minutes, moved by his son’s unwavering focus and diligence. He knew he would have continued through the night if he was allowed. “Just one more, d...

HisAmelia 5 years ago

Molded Mess

sometimes people are better off apart...

You're like the jack to my cokeJelly to my peanut butterMint to chocolate Everything that flows together But you'll never be my sunshine Nor the refreshing rains Cooling my skin on hot days Just the reminder of pain

My year is a tornado.Spring is just a breeze as a new year begins. The breeze is cool and life is sweet. Tender.Summer is the warning sign. Winds are harsh. I see the approaching storm. Fatal. Autumn is the eye. It wrenches my life away, sucki...

PrinzLucky 9 years ago

The Flood

A poem written from the perspective of a man caught in the middle of a flash flood.

The clouds have dispensed its heavy pour Water is filling up the dining room Feeling soaked knee high from the wooden floor With the thunder sounding its deafening boom. I witness my photographs wash away Memories consumed by natur...