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Explanation Stories


Amber Part 10

Amber tells Bruce the truth.

Their destination for lunch was a well known local place that was famous for their hamburgers, and Amber couldn't be happier. They were escorted to a booth and had a minute to scan the menu left by the hostess before the waitresses appeared and took their...

Gidealis Enigma Chapter 52

Just when the dust settles and Demi feels like relaxing with friends, Kallitris is not happy again..

Chapter 52 Navigating the Unknown “Loving your own kind and discriminating against others is not love at all. Love can only be for everyone. The ederi understood that when you told them about the effects of their unfair law. As for feeding – they have a w...

Daisy Cottage

A look into the world of depression.

We all have a home; a shell that we live in. For some, it is a mansion with Georgian pillars and lakes in the grounds. For others, it is a merry townhouse, near the shops where friends call every day and invite us to visit their homes, too. For some, they...