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Life is so precious enjoy each day You never know when you might die A blink of an eye you could be taken away Friends and family left just to cry We’re shocked what happened yesterday All you did was come to work God called you and you were taken away Yo...

6 years ago

Stranger Danger

Don't Ever Talk To Strangers

My worst fear came true My daughter talked with a strangerDoes she really not have a clueI told her endlessly about danger All people are not considered niceSome would love to hurt youThis would be the ultimate priceI pray I have gotten through A stranger...

7 years ago

Gidealis Enigma Chapter 52

Just when the dust settles and Demi feels like relaxing with friends, Kallitris is not happy again..

Chapter 52 Navigating the Unknown “Loving your own kind and discriminating against others is not love at all. Love can only be for everyone. The ederi understood that when you told them about the effects of their unfair law. As for feeding – they have a w...