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Paperboy 1 year ago

Felix's New View

Felix overcomes his fear of heights, and apparently everything else, at the carnival

‘What a view.’ Felix never imagined that thought would ever cross his mind while looking down from a Ferris Wheel, probably because he had always kept his eyes shut. Earlier, the yin and yang of excitement and trepidation had pulled at him when he a...

GriffinGarcon 7 years ago

Gidealis Enigma Chapter 59

All i need to do is keep my nose out of their affairs, or is it?

Chapter 59 The Important Information The “office” is a regular ederi dwelling in the middle of the forest of duhis. It is a big whitish dome as if made of tree roots with a fabric stretched over it. I feel no fear entering it. Fern is...

GriffinGarcon 7 years ago

Gidealis Enigma Chapter 52

Just when the dust settles and Demi feels like relaxing with friends, Kallitris is not happy again..

Chapter 52 Navigating the Unknown “Loving your own kind and discriminating against others is not love at all. Love can only be for everyone. The ederi understood that when you told them about the effects of their unfair law. As for fe...