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Hey, you. Yeah, you. What are you just Standing around for? Going to work you say. Well that certainly is boring. Now isn't it.  What do you want  To do instead? Start a band? Oh, and open a business?  Wow, you have Goals Then go do them. Why can't you? B...

7 years ago

My breath catches as it flows in and out in short pants. I can feel the tickle as the beads of sweat drip down my back, running along the curve of my spine. I have my fingers gripping the rough edges as tight as they can. Every fiber in my being wills thi...

9 years ago

The Painful Game of Love

A man’s goal is to convince his lover of his sincerity.

I beg of you don’t be depressed, or become totally obsessed, with what you see as your emotional strife. I know you are consumed with pain, wondering if once again, you’ve made a bad mistake about your life. For you have said you love me so, and never wan...